• 14Feb

    Ok, most people now have read it, it seems pretty ridiculous, but I suppose it has some truth? People everywhere are making a big fuss about the greenhouse gases caused by cow flatulence. This seems preposterous, but its supposedly been proven by the Food and Agriculture organization. Really? So the cows are farting, and this is what is going to kill the world? Ok.

    Actually, there is a good article by the independent which explains it a little better.  Although they do mention that cow flatulence is a leading cause of methane  gas, they state one of the main reasons cows are such a a contributor to global warming has more to do with things such as the amount of land it takes to feed them, the grass that they eat, the fertilizer   it takes to grow their feed, the run off from the fertilizer, etc.

    Anyway, this gives us another reason to eat pork.  It is better for the environment!!!  So next time you are eating a juicy pork loin, one that you got from our delicious pork loin recipes (sorry, shameless self promotion), think about how you are saving the environment, one juicy bite at a time.


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