• 24Jul

    Most people consume mainly chicken and beef throughout the week. They are the two big “meat” choices, and are often used for different meals all week long. Maybe fish or pork is thrown in every now and then, but not very regularly. The reason for this post is to explain why you may want to consider using pork loin more often. Here are 5 excellent reasons:

    1 – pork loin is the most versatile of all meats. It goes good with sweet sauces, sour sauces, fruits and vegetables. It is delicious with thyme, rosemary, and a variety of other spices. It can be cooked in many different ways – in the oven, deep fried, pan fried, bbq’ed, roasted, or smoked. And all of these methods produce a different flavor.

    2 – Pork loin is very low fat, but high in protein. If you cut off the fat around the edges, there is no visible fat in the cut, so it is great for those that dislike the taste of fat (like myself).

    3. Pork loin is cheap. For $10-$15, you can buy enough pork to feed a family of 4.

    4. Pork loin is eeeeeasy to cook. And I mean very easy. All you have to do is make sure that it does not get overcooked, because that produces a somewhat dry and tough meat (same as chicken and beef).

    5. Kids love it! Why? Because it is so versatile, you can easily find a recipe your kid likes (or your husband, parents, siblings, and any other guests).

    Any other reasons why you like pork? Let us and our readers know! In the meantime, check out our pork loin recipes, and start eating some pork loin!

  • 03May

    Pork is a great food source, and most people don´t realize that pork loin is the best, healthiest red meat you can eat. In fact, it is one of the best options available, even when compared to chicken, turkey, and fish.

    Here´s why:

    • Pork loin is very lean. A 300g piece has only about 11g of fat, which is far less than any cut of beef, and less than other cuts of pork. Pork loin is one of the best meat options you can eat, if you are trying to lose wait or trying to maintain your weight.

    • Pork loin is high in protein. That same 300g piece of loin will provide you with 87g of protein

    • Pork loin is cheaper than it´s counterpart beef tenderloin.

    • Pork loin is extremely versatile. Just like most cuts of pork, you can use all kinds of different spices and sauces to change the overall taste. It can also be cooked in many different ways. Cut up for stews, cooked on the barbeque, fried, or roasted. Just take a look at all the different pork loin recipes, and you will realize how many different way s you can prepare it.

    • Pork loin can be paired with all kinds of different wine. The meat flavor is subtle, and therefore the wine pairing is usually determined by the sauce and spices used. Both white and red wines can be used with pork loin.

    What is the difference between a pork loin and a pork tenderloin?
    Both are muscles that run along the spine, and a part of the pork loin is actually adjacent to the pork tenderloin. The pork tenderloin is closer to the spine, and is a less shorter, less used muscle. It is therefore slightly more tender. Both cuts are very lean, containing very little fat and are high in protein.

    Although pork loin is one of the more expensive cuts of pork, it is still a very economical piece of meat, and comes in at much cheaper than a filet mignon, and is often about the same as you would pay for a good quality skinless and boneless chicken breast.

    For most people, what it all comes down to is flavor, and there are very few things that can beat out a tender, juicy pork loin recipe with a succulent sauce on top. So stop reading, find a recipe you like, and get cooking!